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We are a collection of Debian Developers and other contributors to Debian. We create Debian packages for various distributions typically found on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network to make them easier to install and upgrade.

We are concerned primarily with packaging of Perl modules, rather than the interpreter itself. For information pertaining to the perl package in Debian, see the perl tracker page.

Contact Information:

We use:
for group management and git repositories
for bugtracking of our packages
for internal communication as well as the contact place for others;
mailing list subscription and archives are on
#debian-perl channel on
for real-time communication
#debian-perl-changes channel on
KGB notifications are directed to this channel
for the Maintainer field and the automatic mails related to that;
mailing list subscription and archives are on

Various useful links:

pkg-perl DMD page
pkg-perl DDPO page
pkg-perl page at the Package Tracker
pkg-perl page on

A note on joining:

If you want to join the group you need to register an account on salsa and ask for being added to the perl-team group, preferrably by sending a short introduction mail to
Please don't forget to read the documents below!

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