Announcement of the creation of the Debian Perl Group

This is the announcement as it was sent to, January the 7th. See also:

    Subject: Debian Perl Group founded

    At November 17th, a discussion about a common problem for Debian Perl
    developers was started on debian-perl@l.d.o. [1] Most developers often
    realize that modules available on CPAN are not included in the Debian
    archive. This hinders the packaging of Perl applications and other

    After discarding the idea of automatically dumping all CPAN modules
    into the Debian archive, a collective effort to improve the packaging
    of Perl modules in Debian was proposed. This consists of creating new
    packages of needed Modules as well as of bugfixing and updating
    existing packages.

    This seems to be necessary, as even many of the Perl modules included
    in the unstable distribution of Debian are outdated. [2]

    These thoughts lead to the founding of the Debian Perl Group, defined
    through the following goals:
      * Adopt orphaned Perl module packages.
      * Handle the RFP of Perl modules.
      * Document and improve the usage of tools like dh-make-perl.
      * Help with bugs in Perl packages.
      * Keeping Perl packages in the Debian archive as up-to-date as
    [An updated list of these goals is available here:]

Updated URL:

    An Alioth project [3] has been set up to coordinate the work. A draft
    for a policy has been created [4] and is currently under discussion.

    The first three new modules were packaged, checked and uploaded to the
    Debian Archive at January 6th. Some issues we will work on in the next
    weeks, especially orphaned packages, were submitted to our TODO list.

    This is an invitation for all interested developers to join us.

    The Debian Perl Group

    [2] Leon Brocard assembled a list of outdated Perl modules with a script and
        provided both the list and the script in