Debian Perl Group Rolling Sprint at DebCamp 2016


The Debian Perl Group conducted a "Rolling Sprint" during DebCamp 2016 in Cape Town from 2016-06-23 - 2016-07-01.

The term "Rolling Sprint" describes an event that extended over the whole DebCamp week with the opportunity for people to "hop on" and "hop off" for one or more days. This made it possible for persons who had more plans for DebCamp than one single area of work to participate according to their availability.

The structure of the "Rolling Sprint" was:

Altogether 4 people took part in one or more of the 4 coordination meetings and/or work sessions: bremner, carnil, gregoa, intrigeri.

The participants would like to thank the sponsors of DebConf16 and the DebConf Team for making this sprint possible.


QA tasks across packages

Packages / bugs / uploads

Reproducible builds

Made these packages build reproducibly:

As of 2016-07-01, we're down to a mere 7 team-maintained packages not building reproducibly.