Debian Perl Group Rolling Sprint at DebCamp 2015


The Debian Perl Group conducted a "Rolling Sprint" during DebCamp 2015 in Heidelberg from 2015-08-10 - 2015-08-14.

The term "Rolling Sprint" describes an event that extended over the whole DebCamp week with the opportunity for people to "hop on" and "hop off" for one or more days. This made it possible for persons who had more plans for DebCamp than one single area of work to participate according to their availability.

The structure of the "Rolling Sprint" was:

Altogether 8 people took part in one or more of the coordination meetings and/or work sessions: XTaran, ansgar, bremner, carnil, fsfs, gregoa, intrigeri, kanashiro.

The participants would like to thank the sponsors of DebConf15 and the DebConf Team for making this sprint possible.

git and patches - git-debcherry

Following up in the discussions and work done at the pkg-perl BoF at DebConf14 and the Debian Perl Sprint in May 2015, more work was done on experimenting with our workflow regarding patches in git, especially around git-debcherry.

On Tuesday afternoon, bremner gave a demo of git-debcherry in combination with ntyni's tools.

A newer git-debcherry with improvements (especially around git-notes) was uploaded during DebCamp, fixing two bugs:

In the following discussion, several issues and questions were raised:

In the following days fsfs converted two packages to use git-debcherry and on the way improved the tools. The exported quilt patches are committed on master in debian/patches, so the git checkout is identical to the source package with no magic going on at build time. Working on one of those packages with quilt while ignoring git-debcherry requires an extra step to make the already-applied patches known to quilt, and may in turn force the next developer to take additional measures to reintegrate that work with git-debcherry. The need for both is readily apparent, however, and no work is lost permanently, so this looks like a promising way to a new, git-centric workflow.

Work on individual packages

QA work across packages

Bug triaging

PET/repository maintenance

Unification across packages



Since 2013, we have a team-specific lintian profile. During the sprint, XTaran moved some of the checks, which are relevant for others as well, to lintian proper.